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TymeBank : How to change your phone number

It is possible to change the phone number linked to your bank account. The phone number helps you to monitor your account and transactions and it will also help banks to keep you updated. Changing your phone number on Tyme Bank is an essential security measure that can help protect your account from unauthorised access and fraudulent activities. You can only change your number using the TymeBank Kiosks at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. To change the phone number,  login > My profile > My Details and change the number on your TymeBank profile.

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Tyme Bank will send you an SMS with an OTP that you will need to enter on the platform to verify your change in number. Tyme Bank does not charge a fee for changing your phone number. However, standard SMS charges may apply from your mobile service provider for the OTP verification message that Tyme Bank sends you. Once your change in number has been verified, it should reflect on your Tyme Bank account instantly. However, it’s a good idea to double-check by logging out of your account and logging back in to confirm that the change has been processed correctly.

Forgotten your Tymebank password or login PIN?

If you have forgotten your password or login PIN, you can reset it here.

You will need the following information.

  • Your South African ID number
  • Your cellphone number linked to your TymeBank account
  • Your TymeBank debit card

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