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How to apply for JOSHCO Flats

JOSHCO is a registered Social Housing Institution and is accredited by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), predominantly serving families whose total household income is between R3500 and R7500 per month (for SHRA funded projects). JOSHCO also caters for Johannesburg residents earning between R1500 – R15 000 in certain projects.

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  • Applicants should send Heita JOSHCO to our WhatsApp number: 066 511 7139
  • Receive an automated response detailing all available units and their rental requirements including amounts.
  • If JOSHCO advertises using digital platforms, then a specific email address will be provided
  • Some applications can be done through walk-in at specified sites

Qualifying criteria

Please note that the qualifying criteria is depended on the project that one is applying for.

To qualify for a SHRA funded or Greenfield Project you must earn between R1 500 R15 000

Before you apply you must:

  • Have permanent residence
  • Be 18 years and older/ open to suretyship agreement form if under 18
  • Be permanently employed
  • Be self-employed, with proof of income in a way of a bank statement.

Applications take up to 6 weeks to process

Documents required

  • Certified ID copy
  • Letter of employment signed and dated, letter to confirm employment date and must havereachable employer contact details.
  • Latest payslip if you earn a monthly salary
  • 12 consecutive pays lip if your earning is commission based
  • 4 pay slips for weekly earners
  • 2 consecutive pay slips for Fortnite earners
  • 3 months Bank statement, stamped inside the bank / ink-based stamp
  • Proof of residence/ letter from loans- cellphone account, Edgar’s account, municipal

account etc.

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