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How to ublock your NFAS Wallet

To unblock your myNSFAS Wallet, you need to:

  1. Log into your myNSFAS account
  2. Go to NSFAS Connect
  3. Create a case
  4. Submit a picture of your ID using a cell phone
  5. Provid your current cell number
  6. Indicate that your NSFAS Wallet is blocked

If you are unable to access your myNSFAS account to submit this request, you may send a request to NSFAS via their social media inbox (DM) or email.

How to join Kandua

How to join Kandua.

Kandua (formerly known as ID Work) the platform that connects home owners and building firms with artisans has announced an interesting new partnership. Kandua gives artisans the chance to formalise their business by joining a platform where home owners, contractors and other folks interested in construction and maintenance can hire.

he platform does background checks, vets all artisans and reviews give users the chance to see how well a person does a particular job.

These home service providers collect ratings and reviews, to showcase showcase their skills, talent and track record – this allows you to help find the best person for the job with little to no worry about workmanship

As a homeowner, you are able to search for providers that meet your needs within your area. You can view comprehensive profiles of each artisan, containing personal details and reviews from past employers.


How To Join Table Charm In South Africa

How To Join Table Charm In South Africa. Make money with Table Charm through selling their products in South Africa. Table Charm is a dynamic multi-level marketing company specializing in tableware, personal care, cosmetics, fragrances, fashion wear and health products.

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The business consists of the following brands:

• Table Charm
• Zonke Healing

Our Table Charm brand proudly hosts a beautiful selection of dinnerware, glassware, cookware, plastic storage, coffee mugs and kitchen accessories.

Our STYLE brand has a beautiful selection of top quality fragrances and body care products inspired by top international brands.
Glam-up with our gorgeous range of colour cosmetics, fashion eyewear & accessories and enjoy flawless skin with Moringa Skin Care.

Our Zonke Healing brand – nature’s healer. A highly effective
range of natural and safe products that are suitable for the entire family.

Table Charm offers anyone the opportunity to join our dynamic company as a sales agent – no previous experience or qualifications are required.
Table Charm has given thousands of people the opportunity to earn a stable income by empowering them to run their own small business in their own time while earning a fantastic amount money by selling our products either part time or full time.
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With Christian values as our core foundation, we are a reputable company with a strong infrastructure, including sophisticated IT systems, highly efficient staff, our own fleet of trucks and a superb Centre of Service Excellence

How to apply for Funza Lushaka Bursary

How to apply for Funza Lushaka Bursary. Application for the Funza Lushaka teaching bursary must be done online each year.

Bursary recipients are required to teach at a public school they are assigned to and they cannot choose the school they are assigned since the assignment is according to priority.

The bursary amount given will cover most of the recipient’s necessary expenses that may include tuition, accommodation including meals, books and learning materials, and if possible a small allowance for monthly living expenses.

Important guidelines for the Online Application of Funza Lushaka Bursary 2020 – 2021:

  • Applicants who have criminal record, have been charged of misconduct or are dismissed from work are not qualified
  • Higher Education Institution employees and their immediate families are not accepted
  • Online application is a MUST. No hard copies are accepted by the programme.
  • Printing of the completed on-line application is a MUST.
  • Anyone who already has other teaching qualifications do not qualify

Two types of qualifications can be funded are:

Undergraduate studies or a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree (B Ed), specializing in Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3), Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – 6), Senior Phase (Grade 7 – 9) and FET Phase (Grade 10-12); and

Graduate studies or One-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Combined qualifications are also acceptable such as combine specialization in the Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3) and Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – 6), or the Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase, or the Senior Phase (Grade 7 – 9) and FET Phase (Grade 10 –12).

The priority areas are:

Foundation Phase (i.e. Grades R-3) – Foundation Phase (with preference for African Languages)

Intermediate and Senior Phase (i.e. Grades 4-9) – Preference will be given for a teaching major in TWO of the following:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science & Technology

FET phase (i.e. Grades 10-12) – Preference will be given for a teaching major in TWO of the following:

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Civil Technology
  • Computer Applications Technology
  • Economics
  • Electrical Technology
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Geography
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Physical Sciences, Languages, Technical Mathematics and Technical Science

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

General Eligibility:

  • South African citizen
  • Good academic performance
  • Graduates who want to complete a teaching degree or want to become teachers (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) and have already been accepted at an accredited public University.
  • Applicants who want to make a career change and become teachers, show dedication and passion for a professional career in teaching, display interest in working with young people, are ready to face and handle difficult challenges and have personal integrity.
  • Higher Education Institution employees, their spouse and their dependents/children are not eligible.
  • Two of the priority area subjects must be included as a specialisation in the teaching qualification.

For 1st time entrants to university:

  • Proof of admission to bachelor degree studies pass at matric/Grade 12 level.
  • Minimum level 4 rating at matric level in the subject which the applicant will specialize to teach.
  • A pass in Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy at Grade 12 level and a minimum level 4 pass in the Home Language, for students who intend to specialize in the Foundation Phase
  • Average of at least 50% for students who have completed matric prior to 2008 when Mathematics was not compulsory
  • At least level 4 pass in Mathematics, for students who wish to specialize in the teaching of Technology subjects, including CAT, and who do not have these subjects at matric level

For new applicants already at university:

  • Passed all of the modules studied in the last/most recent year of study at the Higher Education Institution
  • Minimum 55% average across all the modules studied in the last/most recent year of study at a Higher Education Institution
  • Minimum 55% average in modules studied relevant to the priority area teaching specialization in the last/most recent year of study at university

For new applicants enrolling for PGCE:

  • Successful completion of a recognized qualification to be admitted for a PGCE
  • Must have majored in Psychology and an African Language for a PGCE in Foundation Phase Teaching
  • Must have at least TWO recognized priority subjects at second year level
  • Must have adequate modules in the recognized priority subjects

For existing bursary holders:

  • Passed at least two-thirds or 66.6% of all the subject modules studied in the last/most recent year of study at the university
  • Passed at least two-thirds  or 66.6% of the priority subject area modules studied in the last/most recent year of study at the Higher Education Institution
  • Passed the priority subject
  • Must be proceeding to the next level/year of study
  • Must achieve at least 50% average across all subject modules

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Online application is a must.
  2. Go to
    1. Register your online profile by providing your personal details.
    2. Login your username and password to the system.
    3. Once logged in, go to the e-Services menu and choose Funza Lushaka Bursary.
    4. Click on the Application menu, follow the steps and complete all the required fields with accurate information.
    5. Accept the confirmation declaration and receive feedback on the status of the application through email.
  3. Print the completed online application and submit to the university where you are accepted and registered.
  4. Accompany the application form with certified copies of your ID and your academic records:
    • Certified copy of Grade 12 result or certificate, for 1st year students coming out of Grade 12
    • Certified copy of latest academic transcript, for students already at university
  5. Accompanying documents must be submitted to the applicant’s university coordinator, otherwise, application will be rejected.


  • New applicants are advised to also pursue other funding opportunities such as NSFAS.
  • The outcome of the selection process will be available from the University not later than 30 April each year.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Should applicants need to make changes in their application details, they have access to the on-line bursary application by going to “Update personal details”. Updating application details is only allowed before the application closing date. Changing institutions and areas of specialisation will not be allowed and doing so will subject an application to rejection.
  • Application for the bursary is not a guarantee that a student will obtain it.

How to apply for JOSHCO Flats

JOSHCO is a registered Social Housing Institution and is accredited by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), predominantly serving families whose total household income is between R3500 and R7500 per month (for SHRA funded projects). JOSHCO also caters for Johannesburg residents earning between R1500 – R15 000 in certain projects.

Applications take up to 6 weeks to process

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How to apply for FLISP subsidy

The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme FLISP programme is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home. The subsidy is paid to your bank or financial institution and will reduce your monthly loan instalments, making it more affordable to purchase a home

Who qualifies for Flisp subsidy?

Income: Your household must earn more than R3 500 but less than R22 000 a month. This is your household’s income (both you and your spouse’s income, or any relative you apply for a home loan with). It refers to your gross salary–the total amount you receive before taking away taxes or deductions.

Dependents: You must be living with a partner (either married or habitually cohabiting) or living with financial dependents. Financial dependents include: children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, sisters or brothers under 18, and unwell extended family members.

A house to buy: You need to find a house to buy (either a new house or an existing house), and the seller needs to have a title deed. This house can cost any amount that you can afford (previously the maximum property value for the house was set at R300 000 but that cap was removed in 2014).  This Programme may be used to acquire any formal residential property (including previously housing subsidy financed properties) on condition that the households have successfully applied for mortgage loans to finance the purchase.

The house can part of a new housing development: some developers already have deals with NHFC which makes it easier to access FLISP–you can contact the NHFC for more information. Or you can use the FLISP to purchase a house on the resale market (an old house that is being resold). If you can’t buy a house, FLISP can be used to build a house on a vacant stand that you already own.

Previously, FLISP beneficiaries were not allowed to sell their houses until 8 years after they had purchased their house. However in 2018 a decision was taken to remove this sales restriction.

How do I submit a Flisp form?

  1. FLISP applications should be emailed to
  2. NHFC receives emailed FLISP Application Forms and the Application Supporting Documents from the FLISP Trained Developers, Financial Institutions, Estate Agents, Human Settlement Provincial & Regional Offices, Municipal Offices or directly from the applicant.

Ithala Home Loans For Government Employees

Ithala home loans for government employees offers you an opportunity to buy, build, improve or renovate your own property in urban and rural areas. 


  • Build, buy, improve, renovate or extend your house while you are economically active
  • Use equity on your home loan for additional funding of needs you may have
  • Use equity on your existing property for managing your debts
  • Repayment terms are up to 360 months
  • Loan is repaid before your retirement
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Loan amounts are up to 100% of the property value

How to apply for a temporary loan at Capitec Bank

You can get a temporary loan up to R4000 and which you can use for any emergency spending. The money will be available to you immediately any only have to pay for the amount you use. Although the loan has to be repaid in full every month you will need to reapply every time as your limit will be reviewed once every 12 months in a branch.

Apply for a Capitec Bank Temporary Loan

Capitec also has other loan options if you are interested in a personal loan, and you can apply for this inside a branch. You can access your Capitec Bank temporary short-term loan via online banking, their cellphone app, or by dialling their short code *120*3279#.

Babereki Loans

Babereki Finance short term loans are unsecured, so there is no security required as collateral. Loans are offered from R1000 to R8000 with up to 6 months to pay. The loans can be helpful for paying for school fees, home improvements or unexpected expenses.

Payday Loans

Repayable in full at the end of the month, the loans are offered from R500 to a maximum of R2000.

Finchoice Contact Details

Finchoice Contact Details. Whether It’s Funeral Cover, MobiMoney Or A Personal Loan, Finchoice Has Got You Covered. Get A Range Of Finchoice Financial Services, Which Are Designed To Support You. Apply Now. MobiMoney. Services: Personal Loans, Funeral Cover, MobiMoney.

  • Finchoice Telephone
    0861 346 246
  • Finchoice SMS Number
    SMS ‘LOAN’ to 083 8555 700 and we’ll call you back.
  • Finchoice Email Address
  • Finchoice Fax Number
    021 680 8260
  • Finchoice KwikServe®
    • Register for KwikServe by dialing *130*1048#
    • Access KwikServe by dialing *120*1048#
  • Finchoice Physical address
    78 Main Road, Wynberg, 7800.